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Reversing, stepping, braking – safely!

Venta / 20th August 2018


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Getting your head round IP ratings!

Venta / 8th August 2018

The Ultimate Guide to IP Ratings (1)

I’m sure you’ll agree that the term ‘waterproof’ is a generic and rather vague marketing term that actually doesn’t tell us a great deal!   So let’s take a look at IP ratings, these are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures (like our lights) against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt…

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New member to the VX180 family!

Venta / 23rd July 2018



In the gardening spirit…

Venta / 18th June 2018


Naomi House turned 21 this month! What an amazing achievement for a children’s hospice! We all know how much we celebrated our 21st birthday, and for them it was the same! Ahead of the big day there was much to be done so some of our keen gardeners volunteered to help out in the grounds.  …


Bagging it up for Naomi House!

Venta / 15th May 2018

Naomi House bags

As our first step towards our fundraising for Naomi House we donated a number of bags of second hand goods to help support their shops. This was worth £510 to Naomi House which they were truly grateful for and will no doubt be a great help in covering vital costs they need to keep running and supporting all the…

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